This features our most popular water heater the Bobil Air Hybrid, along with the robust and refined Autoterm 2kW diesel heater. So you can have both hot water and a nice warm van with one purchase!

Bobil Air Hybrid + Autoterm 4kW Diesel Heater Package

Key features:

  • Easy to install.
  • Flexible hose means no need for an accumulator, saving money and complexity.
  • Common threaded fittings make it easy to plumb into your system.
  • Adjustable temperature.
  • Easy to program controllers display water temperature and switches the circulation pump on when heat from the air heater is detected.
  • Thick polyurethane foam maintains water temperature and reduces electricity consumption.
  • Diverter included to divert hot air away from the water heater when van heating is required. Excess heat from heater can be ducted through the floor, if required. A cable to remotely operate the diverter is available as an add on. 
  • Includes drain valves for both water tank and heat exchangers.

Kit Contains:

  • Bobil Hybrid Tank
  • Dual Heat Exchanger + 90mm Adaptors 
  • 90mm Diverter (+ optional remote cable)
  • Circulation pump + silicone hose
  • Dual screen controller
  • All needed fittings, barbs, splitters, hose clamps
  • Drain Kit
  • Solaris Voltage Controller + Relay (12V/Dual Volt ONLY)

Autoterm 4kW Air Diesel Heater (Campervan Model)

Included in the kit

Controller of your choice
Fuel pump with mounting bracket
1 meter of exhaust with silencer
1 fuel dip fuel tube and fuel line
1 power cable with integral fuse box
1 control panel cable (upgrade options available)
1 fuel pump power cable
A silencer air intake
1 exhaust heat lagging
A selection of nuts and bolts

The internal kit comes with

1 x 65mm turret fitting plate
1 x 90mm vent
1.5m 90mm Ducting

Rigid Solar Panel Kits

Our BRAND NEW solar panel all-in-one kits contain everything you need to install you own solar panels on the roof of your campervan!

For anyone going off-grid, solar panels are an essential must have, and this kit is a simple package allowing you to charge your batteries and power your devices 100% from solar power.

The Kit has a choice of 3 types of solar panels:

100W Rigid Solar Panel (1020mm x 530mm)
180W Rigid Solar Panel (1475mm x 670mm)
320W Rigid Solar Panel (1790mm x 990mm)

Which panel is suitable depends on the space on your roof and how much power you need.

Also included is a solar charge controller (MPPT). This is REQUIRED to safely connect your solar panels to your leisure batteries. We use Renogy MPPT’s, which have the added bonus of having a Bluetooth module included, which allows you to track the power input of your solar panels via the Renogy app on your phone.

Kit Contains

  • Solar Panels– simply select your size and amount.
  • Bluetooth Solar Controller (MPPT) –  This will be correctly sized to the total Wattage of your solar panel selection.
  • Solar Gland– To ensure a watertight box to get your solar cables from outside to inside your van.
  • Solar Connectors– Included if you order multiple panels. These connect the solar panels together.
  • Solar Panel Brackets – To mount your solar panels.
  • 5m of 4mm solar cable (with connectors) – To connect your solar panels to your MPPT

Kit does NOT include

  • Cable for MPPT to Battery Connection
  • Fuses for any cables

With this kit, you can wire up the panels in series, or in parallel The kit contains the connector to allow wiring in parallel.

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